Moving from Poised for Success to Success Realized

This keynote is about the power of influence that a constructive styles enterprise culture has on helping everyone in the enterprise add clarity and focus on the priorities that create high performance. This keynote makes the case for moving up performance in all aspects of an enterprise – that is, an ideal place to work, an ideal place to do business with, operationally effective and, a place that provides solid social value beyond providing jobs and paying taxes.

Key insights for audiences:

  • How to increase agility, speed and responsiveness in the organization by using the 3 “must-haves” of enterprise performance
  • How to help individuals and their organizations move from “knowing” to “doing” by using 3 “powers” of successful leaders
  • When to use a “moving away” or “moving towards” strategy for developing the organization
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Further, Faster, Improved and Different

This keynote makes the case for culture transformation of your own choosing. In order to take your enterprise further than it has gone before there are culture styles that will help you and there are those that will hurt you. You’ll learn more about which is which. This keynote also addresses the need for trust and credibility if the transformation is to move along quickly. Finally this keynote makes the case for moving towards a future where your enterprise is both improved and different, thereby increasing success in a world that will be changed from today.

Key insights for audiences:

  • How to nurture the four primary styles and attributes of an achievement culture.
  • How culture underpins the six dimensions of employee engagement.
  • How to use collaboration, the 21st century way, for achieving greater results.
  • How to lead a culture transformation effort from the “top-line” and “front-line” of the organization.
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