Executive Team Development & Collaboration, Effectiveness and the Team Brand

We develop leaders, at all levels in the organization, who know the importance of looking through the microscope while simultaneously looking through the telescope. In a world of massive upheavals and challenges there are opportunities for every organization.  You gain individuals and teams who are much more agile.

We’ll help your leaders with our expertise, tools, diagnostics and experience in creating a higher performing organization. Especially as it relates to creating a better organization to work in, buy from and invest in. Our systems, tools, and processes will help you solidify strategy, develop the plans to implement, generate enthusiasm for the direction that you and your team are going and therefore, increase the will power to make it all happen.

Talk to us about any of the following:

  • Facilitation of strategy review & development sessions
  • Executive team development
  • Leveraging Your Leadership (for Sr. Managers, Directors, VPs, C-suite)
  • Customized organization-wide leadership development programs
  • Organization culture transformation
  • Collaboration Process Resolution (7-step collaboration model)
  • Individual and/or team development using diagnostics and personalized coaching
  • Online surveys: employee culture, leadership styles, customer satisfaction
  • Access to specialized expertise from literally all parts of the world.

Further, Faster, Improved and Different

This keynote makes the case for culture transformation of your own choosing. In order to take your enterprise further than it has gone before there are culture styles that will help you and there are those that will hurt you. You’ll learn more about which is which. This keynote also addresses the need for trust and credibility if the transformation is to move along quickly. Finally this keynote makes the case for moving towards a future where your enterprise is both improved and different, thereby increasing success in a world that will be changed from today.

Key insights for audiences:

  • How to nurture the four primary styles and attributes of an achievement culture.
  • How culture underpins the six dimensions of employee engagement.
  • How to use collaboration, the 21st century way, for achieving greater results.
  • How to lead a culture transformation effort from the “top-line” and “front-line” of the organization.

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Enterprise Strategy Review & Creating an ideal high performance organization

You get the kind of organization culture you deserve.  You get the employee relations you deserve and your get the customer relationships you deserve.  Wishing, hoping and praying simply isn’t any effective strategy for developing an achievement oriented ideal place to work and to do business with.

Agility, speed and responsiveness are three attributes of organizations that are better equipped to handle the challenges of the day and the challenges of tomorrow.  Frankly these items can not be taught in the traditional sense of putting people through workshops, but they can be learned and embedded as part of a vibrant organization culture.

If you and your organization’s leadership have finally come to the realization that chasing higher employee engagement scores is not producing the results expected, then you do need to learn more about our diagnostic system.  We believe that employee engagement is an outcome, not a program.  The key is to create an ideal organization culture. We have the tools and expertise.

If you and your organization’s leadership seem to be bouncing from crisis to crisis, feeling the effects of decision-fatigue and making decisions that don’t promote collaboration or making decisions that may detract from a very successful future, then you need to use our 4-Circle model for prioritizing strategies and plan.

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  • The 4-Circle model for creating an ideal organization (Social, Operational, Customer, People)
  • The culture assessment/diagnostic survey, with both a “today view” and an “ideal view”
  • The integration of leadership development with the culture that your seek
  • Opinion polls about: empowerment, people barriers, organization challenges, customer relationships, and much more.

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